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Tailored development programmes are constructed for each individual learner and qualified staff member.
Each educational package is designed to work alongside the NVQ and beyond it. Aspects covered include: Cuts, Colours, Styling, and Hair-ups, as well as focusing on other vital qualities that make a great hairdresser, such as a strong work ethic and a consistent approach to warm customer service.

The service on offer is solely tuition. This is available to individuals and small groups. The aim of my tuition is to find the best ways to support and develop each individual. I will develop their skills, knowledge, confidence & passion, thus allowing them to build and develop a strong and loyal client base.

This is ideal for those who wish to develop their skills beyond the basic NVQ level. I help those who come across problem areas or those who are just stuck in a rut and are seeking inspiration or guidance. Many salons don't have adequate time or staffing to teach their learners, which is where I come in, working respectively with owners & managers wishes.

The industry is always evolving. We must adapt with it rather than continue to pass down outdated information which can often create a salon of less than passionate clones.

This is a time and cost effective option to salons. It means that multiple staff members need not be booked out at once for training purposes, leaving more time to work on clients without interruption. It saves from sending staff away for training courses and can be performed in your salon at a time schedule to best suit your business. Concentrating on individual salons/ learners, the tuition can be extremely tailored to help each salon achieve their individual directives. This is the ultimate training solution, working with businesses to help them grow and develop strong and passionate staff.



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