Animal Testing For Cosmetics... Basics

A picture popped up on my Facebook feed recently with 1000's of shares sudgesting it was a M.A.C cosmetics lipstick animal testing centre. with slight interest you can discover that the image indeed is not. Instead the image was taken of a mass neutering programe for stray cats. One moment disgused, the next reminded how lucky we are to have charities and organisations that help minimize the stray population.

So... at some point there you had a conscience, then its not real or you forget and cary on with life. Perhaps supporting that very practice that made you feel so sorry for the restrained cats in the image.

How aware are you of animal testing? Let me break it down as simply as I can. These are the findings of my online search.

Who is testing on animals? (according to PETA)



-Bobbi Brown

-Estee Lauder







-Chap Stick


-Arm & Hammer


-Aqua Fresh

-Johnson & Johnson



-Head & Shoulders

-Clean & Clear





-Cover Girl


-St Ives



What Animals?



-Non Human Primates (monkeys...)




-Invertebrates (eg horseshoe crabs, insects, coral, crabs, lobster...)


The EU banned cosmetics that had been tested on animals in 2013, many other countries since have followed suit.

Does this mean that we will not see the products on our shelves? No! Loopholes in the law, as well as many brand policies of testing outside the EU, mean that many companies that call themselves cruelty-free are actually not


Because some cosmetic and household brands still believe that animal testing is relevant to benefit humans, and that it is more cost effective.


In closing Animal Testing for cosmetics and household products is still happening around us today. Im not even asking you to click and sign a petition...

Im asking you to take a moment to think about your ethics as a consumer and the power that you have. Will you change the way that you shop?


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