Working On Friends Weddings

Working with friends.... they aren't animals and they aren't children rite... so its ok!?

They'll just make you cry!

Its always an honour to be asked to be your friends wedding hair & make-up artist... let alone their bridesmaid to!

Well you may as well call me 27 Dresses, because another dear friend has popped the question.

These images are of my beautiful friend charlotte's Norfolk Wedding.

We went to high school together and upon the night of our reunion Charlotte asked me to be her bridemaid/ bridal hair & make-up artist. The feeling was amazing, and the wedding itself at the Assembely House Norwich was absolutely incredible.

Such a great atmosphere, beautiful venue and decorations... and without a doubt the most amazing food that i have ever eaten at a wedding! Honestly, I had to bring it up... just perfect!

As you can see Charlotte is stunning and wanted a soft and extremely natural look for her wedding day. It was such an honour having the opportunity to be a part of her and Jon's special day.

Now is the turn of my friend Natasha AKA Tash. Once again in true 27 Dresses style I am once more Bridesmaid, and have the honour of being her bridal hair and make-up artist for her wedding later this year.

We have had a trial this week and have our chosen look we are going for. I would love to share the pictures with you all and show you just how fantastic she looks.... However I have never, nor will I ever out a brides chosen look prior to her wedding day.

The hair and make-up is ment to be a grand unveiling moment saved for the day like the dress... Anything that adds to the wow is always a plus in my books!

Not that they need any help... I think this wedding is going to be incredible, I am really looking forward to it.

There is so much involved in planning a wedding these days honestly my heart goes to all of you, best wishes and enjoy! x

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