1940's strike again!

So apparently there is a real boom for the 1940's at the moment. Vintage is no issue to me as I'm even represented by a top vintage bridal agency. However I am glad that it isn't my only focus, they say variety is the spice of life. My issue is that I hate to do the stereotypical era styles when its down to me, I like to look a lot deeper, using the textures, techniques and finishes to create something that holds the same principles but is not identical to everything that you have ever seen.

The model Jessamine was/is simply stunning. Another fresh young face with a professional attitude. Photographer... well yes it was Rekha Garton (i have a not so secret obsession with this lady and her work!). take a look at her site and you will see why! http://www.rekhagarton.com

So think 1940's ww2 uniforms a nice stroll on a boiling hot day... Oh and there was this really cool moment when an old military plane took off rite behind us! well..

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