1940's Couple Shoot

The 1940's are back yet again with this beautiful war time book cover shoot we did last week.

Hair & Make-up - Myself

Photography - Rekha Garton

Models - Lucy Lawson , Paul Andrew Goldsmith

Shooting by the RAF Mildenhall was fun again, loud with the planes and jets constantly flying around. Mildly nerve wracking as we had a real gun and grenade. I did step away overtime it pointed my direction out of fear of murphy law. It was a really fun day and nice to work with actors. I guess couple style shoots could be potentially awkward and uncomfortable but these two were hilarious. True professionals in the cold... or the sweat of layers with great humour.

I wouldn't want to be ever type cast or seen as a vintage artist. Thats really not my goal. I do do a lot of vintage work for weddings and photographic work but variety by far is the spice of life.

Talking to these actors though I wouldn't mind getting into some film work. Its never really been a goal of mine but everyone needs a hobby ;) ... next challenge! x

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