Natasha's Bridal Style

Location: Corpusty Church

Reception: The Boat House

Bride Hair & Make-up: Ria Yvonne

Photography: Lightening Photography

Flowers: OOps a Daisy

So it became the turn of a pair of good friends of mine to get married. I was so happy for Natasha and Adam as they are near enough family and great fun. I of course yet again was a bridesmaid (27 dresses here i come) I also had the honour of doing Natasha's bridal hair & make-up.

So... she probably going to have a good laugh that iv shared this but its true times and can help to give a lot of future brides perspective. So i lugged my kit over to her house and the first thing that she said upon taking a seat was something along the lines of...., "you probably hear people say i just want to look natural but enhanced... i don't I want it all, give it to me"!

Iv known Natasha for 5 years??? and her husband Adam for 15 years??? Iv done Natash's make-up for 100's of nights out.... so this all gave me a fair idea of where to start. Anyway we found a look that we wanted to go ahead with, the groom just requested that it was toned down a touch.

The hair took a good few styles trying out a bit of everything as we had no idea quite what we were after. We later discussed the idea of hair slides and she found one that she loved that fitted in with the style perfectly.

I look awful in these pics... i think I had 4hrs sleep and got to Natasha's at around 6am??? I do usually dress smarter for work, so please don't judge the hobo! The morning started chilled and then.... as they all do got a bit manic in that last hour. The ceremony was beautiful and can I just say that The Boat House does the most amazing lamb shank! Great live band... really can't remember the name of them... everyone seemed suitably drunk. It was such a lovely day and so nice to have everyone together. I loved their colour scheme and the foliage in the flowers. Most importantly... yes that is a cat ontop of their wedding cake representing their fur baby Jigga!

Its really funny because I helped talk colours and flowers, went to a meeting, talked venues.... The photographer that i recommended to them to fit them perfectly they already had a meeting with and of course fell in love! If you have an upcoming wedding and are looking for an amazingly talented and importantly friendly photographer do look up Lightening Photography x

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