Kelly's Bridal Style

Location: Kimberley Hall, Wymondham Norfolk

Photographer: Julia Holland

Make-up: Ria Yvonne

Hair: Kaylee Meachen

I met Kelly & Tim through our gym. Seemingly lovely people but then again we never really spoke ;)

I was delighted when I was asked to do Kelly's wedding make-up for her and her party. It was a chance to get to know her a little better and I can see why Tim is holding on tight. Kelly has the kindness and beauty of a Disney princess!

I usually get booked up for hair & make-up, however I also play well with others. Variety is the spice of life! Kelly had already organised hair from friend Kaylee Meachen. Such a lovely woman it was really nice to work with her. I must say we did make a good team, everyone looked fantastic!

Kelly kept her cool all morning so calm and collected. I disappeared off home, and returned later for the reception where her make-up was still as fresh as the morning!

Kimberly hall was such a lovely venue. Grand in its appearance but still has a warm cosy feel. The food... wow... Im such a fatty inside! Ok fresh hot scotch eggs... Hello! There were also sweets, a bar and some cheesy tunes... winning! Oh Tim didn't scrub up too badly either bless him and their beautiful twin girls were absolutely golden!

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