60's Vibes

Here is a shot from a recent 60's inspired book cover shoot with the stunning Tyler and talented Rekha Garton. The hair is extremely soft loose and romantic. This was simply curled, brushed out and teased into a roll turned under itself. Small pieces were pulled out to accentuate the softness. I think it can be hard for a lot of hairstylists to work a little messier. I see a lot of people on various Facebook groups talking about this. There are so many textures to hair that we must embrace... and the beauty of soft "imperfections" are just beautiful. Not every client wants an overly neat, sometimes harshly structured style. So we must develop our skills with the trends. The face started with a soft matte base, then adding highlights and a little colour. The Lip was from the Matte Hughs range and add a little warmth to the look. I wanted the brows and the under eye to be extremely soft rather than bold. So to create this i used a combination of soft browns with the lid liner being the stronger look. I love this result and I am extremely pleased with the hair and make-up. The shot is just stunning and couldn't have been what it is without such a strong model and photographer..... go team!

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