Tyler.... just wow!

So you've probably seen this beautiful creature before as we have worked together several times now. She is absolutely incredible and haven't found a look that she can't boss yet! Georgian really does work well for her. Photography by Rekha Garton as per usual for these projects, we've been playing together for around 10 years now possibly or something stupid. But we've got it down! So... make-up was quite a soft and natural look with just a bit of colour. The hair... so I started by curling it all, then around a third went up into a pony tail, threw in a couple of doughnuts and started pinning. It was nice to actually do something that requires a little more skill again. A lot of the hair styles that i get asked to do are incredibly easy and natural for me. Im not saying that this was a challenge, but the variety without a doubt got me more excited about hair again. After 16 years you have to keep that passion going strong ;)

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