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Hair & Make-up Norfolk

Business Support

I work with both staff and owners to implement successful business process improvement strategies, encouraging passion and growth to all areas of your salon or freelance business. We want our staff to hold the same passion and love for our business that we do. In order to achieve this, we address them as individuals and as teams, working on motivation and personal goal alignment within the company.

There are many aspects that can prevent a business from reaching its full potential. My job is to identify those risks, and implement positive business change to help you reach your goals. Whether that's helping build the dream team, new business development, raising your business profile, or the desire to attain a more positive work / life balance.


As every business is individual and unique, each service is truly bespoke and discreet. There are so many aspects that go into building a successful business these days, it can all get a little overwhelming, and over time we can lose sight of where we are going. Sometimes it's just simply, "hard to read the label from inside the jar" and you need someone else that is able to see your business from a new angle. 

Why me!?

During the last 18 years, I have worked in many aspects of the industry. From starting as an apprentice, to working my way up to Artistic Stylist, Director, Manager and Educator. After this I set up my own successful freelance business specialising in photographic and bridal hair and make-up. I was later invited to work overseas as a business development manager implementing extremely successful business change. When I returned to the UK, I  set up business again , worked as an Educator and staff development manager... Then found myself working in film.


I am passionate about education and evolution. I myself am always working to improve upon my skills, across several areas of business to better support my clients needs. I am extremely respectful and discrete with my work. 

Having such varied experience in each area gives me a greater perspective and empathy of the work involved in each part of the industry for its staff and business owners.

Business change, process improvement, management, and staff development are all areas that I have extensive experience in and a real passion for. 

I understand and feel the importance of every success to large or small businesses and would love to help you drive your business forwards. If you would like to talk about your current business or start up goals, please do get in touch.


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